About The Summit

Indian electric vehicle story has certainly taken off. In the last few years, over 200 startups have sprung up to work in the EV ecosystem as manufacturers and service providers. The excitement around EV is ever increasing and the value chain is being created minus the flip-flop from the policy side.

India, home to 15 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities, loses over a million lives every year due to pollution while it costs about 8.5% to the country’s GDP. If the pollution is brought down by 20-30%, then 1.3 years will be added to the average age of the population in India and in 3 years to residents of Delhi and other most polluted areas of the country.

This transformation in terms of energy and mobility solutions in the automotive industry is of prime importance to ensure that cities are well prepared for future innovations. Electric Vehicle is undoubtedly the prime candidate to aid in this scenario. In the last two-three years, India has seen a surge of over 200 startups which are working in the EV 

Key Theme

  • Electric Cars- In the Wake of Covid-19
  • Manufacturing of Electric Vehicle- Which to Buy, Where to Deploy and When to Avoid
  • Li-ion Batteries- Where is the Technology Leading, Recycling of Li-ion Batteries
  • Materials in Demand by OEMS for EV
  • AI, ML in EV; Future Road Map
  • Electric Vehicles and Agriculture

Key Speakers


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